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BJYM Protests for the Arrest of Sexual Assault Accused in Gajoldoba

BJYM Protests for Swift Justice: Demands Arrest of Accused in Minor's Assault | Police Assure Action as Tensions Rise in Gajoldoba.

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Gajoldoba, Dec 28 (Siliguri Journal) – Last Thursday, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) members in Uttar Rajganj Mandal took to the streets in Takimari near Gajoldoba, Rajganj block. They were demanding the quick arrest of those responsible for the sexual assault of a minor.

According to gathered information, the victim, a sixth-grade student, resided at her grandfather’s home following her mother’s passing. On the evening of December 10, while returning from a friend’s house, the minor was reportedly lured by a neighbor named Kartik Roy. He took her to a secluded area and attempted a heinous act. The locals rushed to the scene upon hearing the minor’s screams, but Kartik managed to escape.

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Subsequently, the minor’s family filed a written complaint at Bhorer Alo police station. Despite the complaint, the accused remains at large, leading members of BJYM to organize a road blockade in response.

Addressing the situation, BJP leader Debashish Dey asserted that the accused is the father of a Trinamool leader in the area. Dey emphasized that despite facing serious allegations of sexual assault, the police have yet to apprehend the accused. The party leaders are now urging the authorities to promptly arrest and ensure strict punishment for the accused.

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Upon learning of the road blockade, a substantial police force, led by OC Sandip Dutta of Bhorer Alo police station, swiftly arrived at the scene. After assurances of the accused’s apprehension, the protestors from BJYM eased the blockade. Nevertheless, they warned of a significant agitation if the accused is not promptly arrested.

Trinamool Yuva Congress President Tushar Kanti Dutta asserted that he would investigate the matter, denying any political influence. He emphasized that if the accused is proven guilty, appropriate legal action will be taken.

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