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Kurseong Witnesses Peaceful Voting in 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

Local representatives assure smooth conduct as voters turn out eagerly; BJP member confirms peaceful process in Ghaiyabari- II Gram Panchayat.

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Kurseong, Apr 27 (Siliguri Journal) – The current general elections in different polling stations across the Tindharia region in Kurseong are going smoothly. According to reports, voters have been enthusiastically turning out and queuing up outside polling stations since early morning to vote.

Navraj Chhetri, the Councilor of Tindharia Mahanadi group of GTA, assured the media that the election process was proceeding peacefully across all 22 booths of the Tindharia Mahanadi group.

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Sushmita Gajmer, a BJP Panchayat member of Ghaiyabari- II Gram Panchayat, affirmed that the election was progressing peacefully and without any irregularities.

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