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Skating Pair from Jalpaiguri Ventures to Kedarnath Despite Sweltering Heat

Ashish and Jagannath pursue their dream journey to Kedarnath, overcoming obstacles with determination and community support.

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Rajganj, Apr 25 (Siliguri Journal) – In a remarkable display of determination, two young men from Jalpaiguri are making headlines by skating their way to Kedarnath despite the blazing heat. Meet Ashish Samaddar from Chaulhati and Jagannath Roy from Purba Kumarpara in 73 More, as they embark on this extraordinary journey.

Notably, many have undertaken the arduous journey to Kedarnath on foot before. Following suit, Ashish and Jagannath set out from Jalpaiguri in their skates, braving the scorching sun. Beginning their adventure on Thursday morning around 10:00 AM, they headed towards Rajganj, aiming to cover approximately 100 kilometers each day. It’s reported that a friend from Siliguri will be joining them on this expedition.

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This day marked the fulfillment of a long-held dream for the duo as they set out on their skates towards Kedarnath. With a goal of covering 100 kilometers daily, their determination overcame the scorching heat. Moreover, they received support from several individuals along the way, further fueling their journey.

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