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Woman Assaulted at ‘Salishi Sabha’ in Siliguri, Commits Suicide Due to Humiliation

Four arrested in Siliguri after a woman, allegedly assaulted during a 'Salishi Sabha', commits suicide. Public outrage mounts over police inaction during the incident.

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Siliguri, Jul 02 (Siliguri Journal) – In a tragic incident similar to the recent Chopra case, a woman in Siliguri took her own life after allegedly being assaulted during a ‘Salishi Sabha’. The incident, which has caused widespread outrage, occurred in the Bakravita area of Fulbari I Gram Panchayat, near Siliguri.

The woman, who had reportedly left her husband for an extramarital affair, returned home after being missing for about eight days. Upon her return, she was allegedly beaten by some women in the area for nearly two hours during the ‘Salishi Sabha’.

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Unable to bear the humiliation, the woman consumed pesticides and later died. Her husband claimed that the assault during the ‘Salishi Sabha’ led to her suicide.

The NJP police station has already arrested four individuals in connection with the incident. Many are questioning how such an assault could occur even in the presence of law enforcement officials.

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