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High Court Ruling Renders Teacher Jobless in Siliguri Amid SSC Recruitment Scam

From Job Loss to Legal Struggles, Amid SSC Scam, Siliguri Teacher Fights for Employment Justice.

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Siliguri, Apr 22 (Siliguri Journal) – The Calcutta High Court recently canceled the 2016 School Service Commission (SSC) recruitment panel, canceling 25,793 recruitments. Anamika Roy, a skilled SSC teacher from Siliguri, felt deeply disappointed when the court’s decision meant she lost her job.

In the previous year, Anamika had lost her job to another candidate, Babita Sarkar, due to irregularities in academic data. After a significant legal battle, the court reinstated Anamika, and she resumed teaching at Harihar High School in Jalpaiguri. However, the recent decision by the Calcutta High Court to nullify the entire 2016 SSC panel affected over 25,000 jobs, including Anamika’s.

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Anamika expressed her dismay and dejection in response to the court’s ruling, highlighting her disbelief that qualified individuals would face such challenges and expressing a lack of trust in the judicial system. Despite the setbacks, she mentioned the possibility of embarking on another legal battle to fight for her job.

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