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Fast Food Vendor Killed on Route Home from Siliguri Wedding, Five Arrested

Wedding Altercation Turns Deadly, Fast Food Vendor Fatally Attacked on Route Home, Five Arrested in Investigation.

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Siliguri, May 09 (Siliguri Journal) – In a very sad event, a young man named Joy Barman, aged 24, passed away at the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH). He was viciously attacked by some troublemakers while he was coming back home from a wedding.

Following the incident, authorities apprehended suspects identified as Adesh Nagesia, Shekhar Kujur, and Abhay Nagesia from New Chumta Tea Estate. Additionally, Om Kishan and Gagan Nagesia, residents of Tipu Tea Garden, were also arrested in connection with the case.

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Reports indicate that Joy Barman, a fast food vendor from Shanti Nagar, was brutally attacked while returning home from a wedding at Tukria More in Naxalbari. Allegedly, the assailants used an iron rod to inflict severe head injuries on the young man. Promptly, the local police initiated an investigation, leading to the arrest of five individuals suspected of being involved in the assault.

Police sources disclosed that the suspects had attended the wedding, where they reportedly got into a dispute with Joy Barman, culminating in the vicious attack. The authorities have detained the apprehended individuals and are actively pursuing further leads to identify any other potential suspects linked to the incident.

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