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Malibhita in Belakoba hosts the beginning of a five-day Rash Mela

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Rajganj, Dec 01, (Siliguri Journal) – Malibhita in Belakoba is buzzing with excitement as the five-day Rash Mela kicked off. The RSCC Club Malibhita, under the leadership of the Belakoba community in Shikarpur Gram Panchayat, Rajganj block, has organized this event. The 38th edition of Rash Mela was officially inaugurated by Krishna Roy Barman, the President of Jalpaiguri Zilla Parishad, making it a special occasion for everyone attending.

The event saw the participation of Zilla Parishad members Ranbir Majumdar and Uttara Barman, along with Rajganj Panchayat Samiti President Rupali Dey Sarkar, Arindam Banerjee, Shikarpur Gram Panchayat Pradhan Prabha Kujur, and various other delegates.

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Regarding the fair, the club members revealed that the event will continue for five days and would showcase Lord Krishna’s preaching through model representations. In addition, there will be regional Pala songs presentation. Every year the citizens of Rajganj block and Belakoba of Jalpaiguri district visit the fair. Even this year, the organizers anticipated a huge turnout of devotees at the Rash Mela.

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