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North Bengal Folk Culture Festival Commences in Takimari, Gajaldoba for a Week

25th Takimari Rash Festival: Community Spirit Shines as Locals Unite to Organize; Anticipating a Vibrant Turnout from Near and Far.

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Rajganj, Nov 28 (Siliguri Journal) – A week-long celebration of North Bengal’s Folk Culture, Rash Mela, and Baul Utsav began at Takimari near Gajaldoba. Jalpaiguri MP Jayanta Roy officially opened the festival on Monday night.

In its 25th year, the Takimari Rash Festival, an annual event under the Mantadari Gram Panchayat of Rajganj at Gajaldoba, is set to host a seven-day carnival from November 27 to December 3. Artists from Bangladesh, Assam, Jharkhand, and various parts of West Bengal have come together to participate actively. The festival aims to share tales and values of Lord Krishna, featuring an idol of the Hindu deity as a focal point.

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Committee members shared that local residents are generously volunteering to organize the event, showcasing strong community support. The festival expects a substantial turnout, with numerous visitors from both within and outside the Rajganj block anticipated to join the celebrations.

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