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Over 70 Wild Elephants Entered Jalpaiguri’s Teesta Riverbank, Causing Panic Among Residents

Residents of Jalpaiguri's Teesta Riverbank face panic as over 70 wild elephants invade, damaging farmland. Forest workers struggle to manage the fragmented herd.

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Jalpaiguri, June 14 (Siliguri Journal) – Residents of Jalpaiguri’s Teesta Riverbank are in fear as over 70 wild elephants have entered the area. The herd emerged from the Baikunthapur forest on Thursday night, heading towards the riverbanks. This unexpected invasion has added to the residents’ anxiety, already heightened by rising river levels and the threat of flooding.

The elephant herd reportedly moved through Kaliaganj, Moral Para, Mahut Para, and Paharpur, causing significant damage to farmland and spreading panic among locals. The situation remains tense as the elephants have now taken shelter in the Teesta pasture. Efforts to guide the elephants back to the forest have proven challenging.

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On Friday morning, forest workers faced difficulties as the herd fragmented into smaller groups. Personnel from the Baikunthapur, Gorumara, and Jalpaiguri forest departments are on the scene, working tirelessly to manage the situation.

Authorities have issued warnings to local residents, advising them to avoid the affected areas to prevent potential danger. Forest workers are keeping a vigilant watch over the elephant herd, striving to ensure the safety of both residents and animals.

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