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Woman Accused of Using Fake ID to Vote at Kedarnath Primary School in Bagdogra

Alleged voter fraud unfolds at Bagdogra's Kedarnath Primary School during Lok Sabha polls; Pushpa Sharma's ordeal highlights concerns.

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Bagdogra, Apr 26 (Siliguri Journal) – During the second phase of the Lok Sabha elections, there were claims of unfair voting at Kedarnath Primary School in Bagdogra. Pushpa Sharma, a voter, went to cast her vote at booth No. 25/39 but found out that someone had already voted in her name.

According to reports, another woman supposedly created a fake voter card in Pushpa Sharma’s name and used it to vote on Thursday. There are concerns that similar fake voter cards are being used to cast illegal votes. Pushpa Sharma has voiced her disappointment following the incident.

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Pushpa Sharma reported that a woman had supposedly voted using her name. She notified the polling station officials about the incident. After lodging a complaint, she was eventually allowed to vote using a ballot. However, she did not receive any response from the Presiding Officer of the booth regarding the matter.

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