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Siliguri Mayor Convenes Meeting with Business Leaders on Unapproved Construction

Siliguri Mayor Addresses Unauthorized Construction Concerns in Productive Meeting with Business Community, Ensuring Collaboration for Solutions

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Siliguri, Nov 30, ( Siliguri Journal) – On Thursday, Siliguri Mayor Goutam Deb met with business folks from Hawkers Corner and Nivedita Market to discuss unauthorized construction. The gathering included Deputy Mayor Ranjan Sarkar and MMICs, highlighting a collaborative effort to address the issue.

It’s important to mention that just two days ago, Municipal Corporation employees encountered challenges while demolishing an unauthorized construction at a shop in Hawkers Corner. In response, the concerned business community had issued warnings of potential protests. Consequently, a meeting has been convened today to address and resolve these issues.

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As per reports, the meeting extended for approximately an hour. The Mayor emphasized to the businessmen that engaging in unauthorized construction is not permissible, emphasizing the necessity of obtaining prior approval from the Municipal Corporation. Specifically addressing a tin warehouse above some shops at Hawkers Corner, the Mayor called for a reduction in its height.

Meanwhile, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are set to visit Nivedita Market and Hawkers Corner in the coming days. Post the meeting, the business individuals appeared content, indicating satisfaction with the discussions held with the Municipal Corporation.

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