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Fire Erupts Near NJP IOC in Siliguri, Resulting in the Burning of Three Stores

Siliguri Fire Chaos: Residents Evacuate as Blaze Engulfs Stores. Councilor Nandi on Scene; Short Circuit Suspected Cause

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Siliguri, Nov 29, (Siliguri Journal)- A big fire happened right in front of the main station of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) in NJP, Siliguri.

Reports indicate that the fire started in a garage in front of the IOC on Friday afternoon, spreading rapidly to three nearby stores. Quick action from IOC officials, using foam to tackle the blaze, began immediately. Two fire engines arrived promptly and managed to extinguish the fire within half an hour. Despite their efforts, the fire had already spread to the surrounding area.T

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he incident caused panic among residents, leading to evacuations. Ward No. 35 Councilor Shampa Nandi arrived at the scene and spoke with the affected businessmen upon learning about the occurrence. Local reports suggest that a short circuit during machinery operation in the garage may have been the cause of the fire.

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