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Excise Dept Uncovers Illicit Liquor Operations in Siliguri, Three Arrested at Pradhan Nagar

Excise Team Triumph: Foils Illicit Liquor Scheme in Siliguri, Nabs Culprits, and Seizes Contraband. Swift Action in Panchanan Colony Operation

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Siliguri, Nov 29 (Siliguri Journal) – The Excise Department’s Pradhan Nagar Circle team recently stopped a fake liquor operation, nabbing three people, including a woman named Savita Kumari Singh. The arrested individuals are Rohit Gupta and Jaswant Gupta. The team not only arrested them but also confiscated a scooter and a large amount of spirit along with other materials used in making spurious liquor.

Reports indicate that Ankur Roy, the Excise Department’s Pradhan Nagar Circle-in-charge, led a joint operation with Bagdogra Circle. The team initiated a tip-off operation in Panchanan Colony, Ward No. 1, Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC).

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When the individuals engaged in producing fake liquor sensed the raid, they tried to escape. Despite their attempts, the team successfully apprehended three individuals, including a woman. Throughout the operation, a scooter and a significant amount of spirit, along with other raw materials, were confiscated by the team.

On Wednesday, all three accused were produced before the Siliguri court. At present, the Pradhan Nagar Circle team of the Excise Department is engaged in a detailed investigation of the entire matter.

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