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Siliguri Police Arrests Couple Accused of Snatching

Siliguri Police Crackdown: Arrested Snatching Duo and Recovered Stolen Gold Chain Undergo Legal Proceedings

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Siliguri, Nov 29 (Siliguri Journal) – In a recent success, Siliguri police apprehended a couple, Bappi Karmakar and Sanchita Karmakar, aged 40 and 39, for their involvement in snatching incidents. Notably, Siliguri has witnessed multiple snatching cases, putting the Siliguri Metropolitan Police under public scrutiny.

On November 9, in the Deshbandhu Para area of SMC’s Ward No. 30, an unfortunate incident unfolded as an elderly woman fell victim to a gold chain snatching in broad daylight, according to police sources. Promptly, Abhijit Sarkar, the son of the elderly woman, took swift action by filing a written complaint at the Siliguri Police Station. Responding to the complaint, the diligent officers at Siliguri police station initiated a thorough investigation, swiftly gathering information about the alleged notorious couple involved in the incident.

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After diligent efforts, the police carried out a successful operation, apprehending the couple in the Kawakhali area on Tuesday evening. Notably, the snatched gold chain was recovered following their arrest. The subsequent legal proceedings unfolded on Wednesday when the couple was presented before the Siliguri court. Sources indicate that the Siliguri police station plans to request a Test Identification (TI) parade for the arrested couple during the court proceedings.

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