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Body of 18-Month-Old Found in Raidak River near Tufanganj

18-Month-Old's Body Found in Raidak River, Prompting Police Investigation after Falling from Mother's Lap.

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Cooch Behar, Apr 21 (Siliguri Journal) – Rescuers discovered the body of a little 18-month-old in the Raidak River in Tufanganj. Reports indicate that the child accidentally fell into the river from their mother’s lap on Friday night.

After a search effort by the Disaster Management Team, the child’s body was located on Sunday morning. Local residents spotted the body floating in the Raidak River and promptly notified the police.

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Upon receiving the alert, the Tufanganj police swiftly arrived at the scene, retrieved the body, and arranged for a post-mortem examination. Currently, the entire incident is under investigation by the police.

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