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Three People Arrested in Cooch Behar for involvement in Siliguri murder during thwarted theft

Siliguri Murder Case: Three Arrested in Connection with Theft-Related Killing, Court Seeks Remand for Further Inquiry.

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Siliguri, May 04 (Siliguri Journal) – The police caught three people linked to a murder that happened when someone tried to stop a theft in Siliguri. It’s said that last Friday, undercover police from Pradhan Nagar police station nabbed the three suspects from Pundibari in Cooch Behar. The arrested individuals are named Ramesh Mukhiya, Pawan Mukhiya (also known as Bhola), and Bablu Mukhiya.

It’s important to mention that on April 24, there was violence in the area under Pradhan Nagar police station near Darjeeling More, Hathidoba, during a wedding ceremony protest against a theft at a house. Allegedly, people associated with the wedding were attacked, resulting in the death of Ghanshyam Prasad. Following the incident, Ranjan Sah filed a written complaint at the Pradhan Nagar police station.

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Afterward, the officers from Pradhan Nagar police station initiated an investigation and apprehended suspect Purna Mukhiya in relation to the case. However, the remaining suspects were still on the run. Through continued investigation efforts, the police achieved success in capturing three suspects from Pundibari in Cooch Behar and brought them to Siliguri for further proceedings. On Saturday, all three accused were presented before the Siliguri court, where authorities requested remand for ongoing investigation purposes.

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