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Madarihat Tragedy: Youngster Killed in Encounter with Wild Elephant

Tragedy in Madarihat: Young Man Killed by Wild Elephant - Community Mourns as Authorities Respond to the Incident.

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Alipurduar, May 05 (Siliguri Journal) – In Madarihat, a sad event occurred when a wild elephant attacked and tragically killed a young man named Akash Das. On Saturday night, three wild elephants entered the Madarihat area. Akash Das bravely stepped out of his house to try and intervene, according to reports.

During the incident, one of the elephants grabbed Akash with its trunk and carried him nearly a kilometer away. Despite hours of searching, Akash’s family couldn’t locate him.

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On Sunday morning, Akash’s lifeless body was discovered, bearing severe injuries and broken limbs. The forest department and local authorities were promptly informed, and they recovered the deceased’s body. Meanwhile, residents of the area expressed their outrage over the untimely demise of the youth.

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