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Continuing Rampage: Wild Elephants Cause Damage to Homes and Crops in Rajganj

Panchayat leader pledges aid as wild elephants wreak havoc in Rajganj. Forest department launches search operation for elusive animals.

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Rajganj, Feb 20 (Siliguri Journal) – The ongoing problem with wild elephants is making people in Rajganj really worried. Just recently, in the village of Hudugachh, these elephants came and caused a lot of damage to houses and crops. Many residents are feeling upset and concerned about their safety.

It’s important to mention that on Sunday night, an adult elephant and its calf came out from the Baikunthpur forest and went into the residential areas. They caused a lot of chaos in places like Cheulibari, Chakiabhita, Ambari, Sudamgachh, and Shalguri.

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According to reports, on Monday, the elephants moved towards the farmland in the Hudugachh area, which is part of the Majhiyali Gram Panchayat in Rajganj block. They damaged many crops and houses there. However, they were not seen after the incident.

On Tuesday, Panchayat Pradhan Sumit Dutta visited the area after hearing about the incident. He assessed the situation and mentioned that the people living there often face problems because of wild elephants. He assured that the affected families would receive help. Additionally, the forest department has started looking for the elephants.

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