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Gas Cylinders Explode Following Fire at Haider Para Restaurant in Siliguri

A fire broke out at a biriyani restaurant in Siliguri's Haider Para, leading to gas cylinder explosions. Quick action by firefighters brought the blaze under control.

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Siliguri, May 16 (Siliguri Journal) – In a shocking incident, a large fire broke out at a local biriyani restaurant in Siliguri’s Haider Para area, leading to the explosion of two cooking gas cylinders. The event caused widespread panic among the nearby residents.

According to reports, the fire and subsequent explosion caused substantial damage to the surrounding area. Local residents quickly informed the fire department and Bhakti Nagar police station about the incident. Two fire brigade vehicles arrived at the scene shortly after being alerted. The firefighters faced significant challenges but managed to bring the fire under control.

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Significantly, the owner had closed the shop late at night, leaving the refrigerator running overnight. Preliminary investigations by the fire department suggest that the fire might have been caused by a short circuit in the refrigerator.

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