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Wild Elephant Herd Causes Damage to Two Houses in Kharibari

Rescuing Wildlife: Forest officials swiftly intervene to guide marauding elephants back to safety after damaging homes in Kharibari's Buraganj

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kharibari, Dec 01 (Siliguri Journal) – Sensation prevailed after a herd of wild elephants entered the residential area in the 10-number line of Thanjhora Tea Estate in Kharibari’s Buraganj. The wild tuskers’ invasion left two houses damaged.

According to reports on Friday morning, a herd of elephants came into the area from Tukariajhar forest. While looking for food, they damaged two houses. Locals said they reported the incident to the forest department, but the officials allegedly didn’t arrive on time.

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Afterward, officials from the Ghoshpukur range forest arrived and started guiding the elephants safely back to the forest.

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