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Accused in Phansidewa Forgery Ring Brought Before Court

Police uncover major forgery ring in Phansidewa, seizing ATM cards, bank passbooks, cash, and more.

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Phansidewa, May 29 (Siliguri Journal) – The Phansidewa police have made a major breakthrough in a case involving the fraudulent creation and use of ATM cards and bank passbooks. They arrested Anil Gope, who is accused of these crimes, and brought him before the Siliguri Sub-Divisional Court on Wednesday.

According to reports, the investigation began on Tuesday when police raided the Paschim Nijbazar area near Murikhawa More in Hagra Gach of Phansidewa. During the raid, law enforcement seized 400 ATM cards, 100 bank passbooks, 50 cheque books, QR codes, Rs 42,000 in cash, laptops, and other crucial documents. Additionally, two four-wheelers were confiscated by the authorities.

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The arrest of Anil Gope revealed a criminal gang involved in fraudulent activities that had been operating in the Phansidewa region for a long time. After interrogating Gope, authorities discovered the involvement of three more individuals in this illegal operation. Efforts are now underway to locate and apprehend these accomplices.

Meanwhile, Anil Gope was presented before the court on Wednesday. Law enforcement officials have also requested a 14-day police remand for further interrogation and investigation.

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Sk Tushar
Sk Tushar
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