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Bengal Safari Park Provides Air Cooler-ORS Relief for Animals During Sweltering Heat in Siliguri

Director of Bengal Safari Park emphasizes heightened care for animals in extreme weather, ensuring hydration and protection measures.

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Siliguri, May 03 (Siliguri Journal) – At Bengal Safari, the folks in charge are making sure the animals stay cool during the super hot weather in Siliguri. It’s been hitting over 35 degrees Celsius! They’re giving the animals special stuff like Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) along with their usual water and setting up air coolers outside and inside their homes.

Reports say the animals and birds at the park are getting bathed several times a day right in their homes, and their water is getting a cool boost with some ice. The park people and doctors are keeping a close eye on them 24/7 to make sure they’re doing okay. They’ve also changed up what the animals and birds eat, adding tasty treats like watermelon, apple, banana, and other fruits packed with vitamin C to their meals. Plus, they’ve set up shaded areas in the enclosures to give the animals a break from the blazing sun, and they’ve got generators ready just in case the power goes out.

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Vijaya Kumar, the director of Bengal Safari Park, stressed how crucial it is to take extra good care of the wild animals, especially when the weather gets super extreme. He pointed out that wild animals have different immune systems than humans, so they need special attention. When the air gets really dry, it can make them thirsty and dehydrated, so they’re getting Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) twice a day along with plenty of water to drink. He also mentioned all the extra steps the park is taking to keep the animals safe during this tough weather.

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