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Biswa Bangla Shilpi Haat in Kawakhali Hosts North Bengal Business Meet

North Bengal Business Summit: Unveiling a Vision for Growth, Infrastructure Developments, and State Support for Entrepreneurs' Success.

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Siliguri, Dec 08 (Siliguri Journal) – Last Thursday, a big business gathering took place at Biswa Bangla Shilpi Haat in Kawakhali, Siliguri. Bengal Chief Secretary Hari Krishna Dwivedi and folks from various business groups, along with entrepreneurs from eight North Bengal districts, were part of this important conference.

Reports mention a whopping investment proposal of ₹24,000 crores discussed during the conference, with a goal to complete significant projects within two years. The conference covered various themes, highlighting the state government’s involvement in commerce departments and outlining future plans. Entrepreneurs also shared details about the amount they plan to invest in upcoming business ventures.

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During the conference, Chief Secretary Hari Krishna Dwivedi emphasized the state government’s initiatives for industrial growth in North Bengal since taking office. The North Bengal Art Culture has seen notable development under her leadership. Furthermore, there is a commitment to make every effort for the continued expansion of industries in North Bengal in the coming years.

The conference also addressed ongoing development projects across different locations, including the North Bengal airport. Chief Secretary Hari Krishna Dwivedi assured entrepreneurs of full cooperation from the state government in every aspect of their work.

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