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Football Tournament in Buraganj Features Day-Night Matches in Kharibari

Sabhadhipati Arun Ghosh Inaugurates Day-Night Tournament in Buraganj, Kharibari, Promoting Youth Engagement in Sports.

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Kharibari, Nov 26 (Siliguri Journal) – This Sunday, Arun Ghosh, the head of Siliguri Mahakma Parishad, kicked off an exciting one-day day-night football tournament in Buraganj, Kharibari. The tournament took place at Buraganj Kalkut Singh High School’s grounds, thanks to the joint efforts of Terai Football Academy and Buraganj Youth.

Reports mention the presence of Sabhadhipati Arun Ghosh, Karmadhyaksh Kishori Mohan Singh, Buraganj Gram Panchayat Pradhan Anita Rai, School Principal Sushant Pandit, and others at the event. Sabhadhipati Arun Ghosh expressed optimism about the competition, emphasizing its well-organized nature. He highlighted the primary goal of reintroducing the current generation to the field of football. This event is part of a series of tournaments organized in the department, with more anticipated in the future.

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