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Man Detained by Police for Alleged Cattle Smuggling in Bidhan Nagar

Bidhan Nagar Police Arrest Driver with 20 Cattle, Investigation Underway into Suspected Interstate Trafficking Scheme.

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Bidhan Nagar, April 28 (Siliguri Journal) – In a prevented attempt to illegally move cattle, authorities from the Bidhan Nagar Investigation Center stopped a person with 20 cattle. The driver, identified as Amanur Haque from Gauripur in Assam, has been arrested.

Reports indicate that during a search operation in Muraliganj, Bidhan Nagar of Phansidewa on Saturday night, authorities intercepted and seized a lorry. Upon inspection, approximately 20 cattle were found in the truck. The driver was unable to provide any valid documentation for the animals, leading to their detainment.

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According to police sources, the cattle were allegedly meant to be smuggled from Bihar to Assam and eventually to Bangladesh. The arrested individual was brought before the Siliguri Sub-Divisional Court on Sunday for ongoing legal processes. Meanwhile, authorities continue their investigation into the entire incident.

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