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Multiple Vehicle Parts Stolen at Fulbari Truck Terminus Parking

NJP Police Investigates Theft at Fulbari Truck Terminus Parking; Owners Call for Increased Patrols Amid Rising Vehicle Part Theft Concerns.

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Fulbari, Apr 22 (Siliguri Journal) – A theft happened in Fulbari where around 20 to 25 trucks parked at the Truck Terminus parking lot near the bypass and nearby areas were robbed. Many vehicle parts were taken.

Reports say that the Truck Terminus parking in the Fulbari bypass usually has many vehicles parked there. On Sunday night, parts from about 20 to 25 vehicles, including self-starters, were reportedly stolen. The estimated value of the stolen parts is around Rs 2.5 lakhs. This isn’t the first time such incidents have occurred; previously, there have been thefts of fuel, batteries, and other items from vehicles.

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Upon receiving the news, officials from NJP Police Station launched a thorough investigation into the incident. In response, vehicle owners have demanded increased police patrols in the area to prevent future occurrences.

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