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Rajganj Police Station Provides ORS and Drinking Water to the Community

Rajganj Police Station's noble effort, Providing hydration to combat heat, serving the community's well-being amid soaring temperatures.

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Rajganj, May 02 (Siliguri Journal) – In a great effort to help beat the hot weather, the Rajganj police station started giving out ORS and water to people passing by. It’s a helpful way to keep everyone hydrated and healthy during the heat.

With temperatures on the rise, the police aimed to help those who are out working or managing traffic by providing much-needed assistance.

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Reportedly, on Thursday, the distribution happened at different spots along the Siliguri-Jalpaiguri national highway, such as Fatapukur, Hati More, Sariam, and Belakoba.

IC Anupam Majumdar mentioned that around 600 individuals were given drinking water amidst the high temperatures in North Bengal, emphasizing the police’s dedication to community welfare.

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