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Residents Protest Against Alleged Pond Filling in Jamurivita, Fulbari I Anchal

BJP alleges assault on women by TMC workers, while TMC defends beautification efforts amidst puja rituals.

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Siliguri, May 06 (Siliguri Journal) – In a recent event, residents of Jamurivita area in Fulbari I Anchal, under the Dabgram-Fulbari assembly constituency, voiced their opposition to the filling of a pond. The protest led to heightened tension in the community.

According to reports, the pond in this area plays a crucial role during the Chhath Puja, and it’s also used for immersing idols during the Durga Puja festivities. However, recently, work has begun to fill the pond, sparking dissatisfaction among locals. To voice their concerns, residents staged a protest on Monday morning.

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After hearing the news, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Sikha Chatterjee from Dabgram-Fulbari visited the area and engaged with local residents. During her interaction, the MLA claimed that the pond filling wasn’t for beautification purposes, but rather for constructing a multi-storey building and a restaurant. She supported her assertion by pointing out the presence of large construction pits at the site.

Meanwhile, a significant number of Trinamool workers, led by Sukant Kar, INTTUC President of Dabgram-Fulbari, and Vice President Anand Sinha, arrived at the scene. Their presence quickly escalated into a confrontation and subsequent scuffle between the two groups. The situation was reported to the NJP police, who promptly arrived and intervened to restore order.

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During the protest, the BJP and local residents accused TMC workers and supporters of assaulting local women. However, Sukanta Kar denied these allegations, stating that the beautification work was initiated with the significance of the pond in mind, as it is used for puja rituals and idol immersions.

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