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Toddler Dies from Choking on Litchi Seed in Rajganj

Two-and-a-half year old child dies after choking on a litchi seed in Rajganj's Bandhu Nagar, leaving the locality in deep mourning.

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Rajganj, May 26 (Siliguri Journal) – A tragic incident occurred in the Bandhu Nagar area of Dangapara in Majhiali Gram Panchayat, Rajganj block. A two-and-a-half year old child, Shamim Akhtar, unexpectedly died after choking on a litchi seed.

According to family sources, the unfortunate incident occurred on Saturday afternoon while Shamim and his sibling were playing under a litchi tree at their home. Their parents were inside the house at the time. A litchi fruit fell from the tree, and when Shamim tried to eat it, he began to choke.

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However, the toddler accidentally consumed the fruit along with its seed, which became lodged in his windpipe. Family members and neighbors quickly rushed Shamim to the hospital. Despite their efforts and prompt medical attention, the child tragically died on the way to the medical facility.

In this regard, Altabul Rahman, Shamim’s grieving father, stated that he was resting at home when he was startled by the commotion outside. Upon reaching the scene, he found his son choking on a litchi seed and immediately rushed him to the hospital. Despite his efforts, the child could not be saved. The untimely loss of Shamim Akhtar has left the entire community in profound mourning.

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Sk Sahiluddin
Sk Sahiluddin
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