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Toto Rental in Siliguri: Driver Goes Missing with the Vehicle

Toto theft unfolds in Siliguri: Bishwanath's trust shattered as rented vehicle disappears. Bhakti Nagar police delve into investigation.

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Siliguri, Nov 25 (Siliguri Journal) – A surprising toto theft occurred in the Sarat Chandra Pally area (Ward No. 40) of Siliguri. The toto driver disappeared with a rented toto, prompting the owner to report the incident to the police station.

Reports indicate that Bishwanath Barman, a resident of Sarat Chandra Pally in Ward No. 40 of Siliguri, is battling cancer. His health condition led him to stop driving his toto.

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On November 17, a person named Mohammad Salman, who was not known to Bishwanath, visited his home and proposed to rent his toto for Rs 400 per day. Bishwanath, after verifying Mohammad’s Aadhar card, placed trust in him and rented out his toto.

When the individual didn’t return the toto by 10 pm that night, Bishwanath tried reaching out via phone, but received no response. On November 19, he took action and filed a written complaint about the toto theft at the Bhakti Nagar police station. The police station is actively investigating the case.

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