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Two Arrested with Brown Sugar and Banned Cough Syrup in Panitanki near Kharibari

Two Arrested with Narcotics in Panitanki, Police Investigation Underway After Sikkim Residents Caught Purchasing Contraband.

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Kharibari, May 14 (Siliguri Journal) – In a recent update, authorities at the Panitanki Outpost caught two people with illegal drugs. The individuals, Lalita Barman (33) from Goursing Jote, and Bal Bahadur Tamang (38) from Sikkim, were arrested.

Following a tip-off, police raided the area near the Panitanki overbridge in Kharibari on Monday night, apprehending the two suspects. Upon searching, officials found 52 grams of brown sugar and 19 bottles of banned cough syrup worth lakhs in their possession.

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According to police sources, the suspects had traveled from Sikkim to Panitanki specifically to buy the illegal substances. They were then arrested and brought before the Siliguri Sub-Divisional Court on Monday. Currently, the entire incident is under ongoing police investigation.

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