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Adivasi Sengel Abhiyan Holds Road Blockade in Kharibari, Urging Implementation of Sarna Dharam Code

Adivasi Senegal Abhiyan's Protest for Sarna Dharam Code: District President asserts demands, warns of prolonged agitation for change.

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Kharibari, Dec 30 (Siliguri Journal) – Adivasi Senegal Abhiyan (ASA) members took part in the Bharat Bandh in Kharibari and other state districts, asking for the implementation of the Sarna Dharam Code.

On Saturday, reports indicate that the members engaged in the protest by setting up a road blockade at PWD More of Kharibari on National Highway 327. This led to significant traffic congestion in the area.

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In reaction to this, a substantial police presence, including officers from Kharibari police station, SDPO, and the Circle Inspector (CI) of the district police, reached the location to manage the ongoing situation.

Discussing the matter, Adivasi Senegal Abhiyan’s District President, Renuka Mardi, explained that the bandh was organized to advocate for the Sarna Dharam Code. She mentioned informing both the Prime Minister and the President about this demand and emphasized their intent to persist with the protest if their demands are not addressed. Additionally, she expressed their commitment to support a government that implements the Sarna Dharam Code through their votes.

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