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Arvind Kumar Mina, DM, inaugurates Raas Utsav in Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar's Historic Raas Utsav: Centuries-old Tradition Unveils, Drawing Multitudes from Near and Far for Joyous Celebrations and Daily Kirtan at Madan Mohan Thakurbari.

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Cooch Behar, Nov 27 (Siliguri Journal) – Cooch Behar’s Madan Mohan Raas Utsav, steeped in history and royal customs, kicked off as District Magistrate Arvind Kumar Mina, also the Chairman of Debottar Trust Board, inaugurated the festival. He marked the beginning by turning the historic Raas Chakra at the Madan Mohan temple at 8:50 pm on Sunday night.

Reports indicate that a special puja took place at the Madan Mohan temple before the inauguration. Following the royal tradition, the DM observed a day-long fast and participated in the special puja. After inaugurating the festival by turning the Raas Chakra, the gates of the Madan Mohan temple were opened for the public. It’s noteworthy that the DM of Cooch Behar plays a crucial role in the Raas Utsav, a tradition initiated by the Maharajas of Cooch Behar.

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Upon opening the gate, a throng of people gathered to turn the Raas Chakra. It’s noteworthy that the Raas festival in Cooch Behar, with a history of over 200 years, attracts a multitude of visitors, numbering in the lakhs. Apart from locals in the Cooch Behar district, people from diverse locations like Assam, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh also join the festivities. The Madan Mohan Thakurbari hosts daily kirtan during the Raas Utsav.

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