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BJP Holds Protest and Submits Memorandum at Bagdogra Gram Panchayat Office

Alleged Discrimination, Harassment of Common People, and Stalled Development in Panchayat Areas Demand Urgent Attention.

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Bagdogra, Dec 27 (Siliguri Journal) – The BJP’s Lower Bagdogra-Gossaipur Mandal Committee recently protested at the Bagdogra Gram Panchayat office. They claim that BJP Panchayat members aren’t getting assigned any work. The party submitted a memorandum to highlight their concerns.

On Wednesday, BJP leaders and workers reportedly organized a rally starting from the party office, concluding at the mentioned Gram Panchayat office.

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BJP Mandal President Sisnu Oraon claimed that BJP Panchayat members are facing a lack of work opportunities. He highlighted that the alleged inequality is significantly impacting two panchayats within the party.

Furthermore, the BJP Mandal Youth President claimed that common people are facing harassment, and water-related issues persist in various areas. He expressed concern that development activities in the BJP Panchayat area have come to a halt. Additionally, he urged an end to the ongoing discrimination.

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