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Gajoldoba Bridge Temporarily Shut Down Shortly After Inauguration

Rajganj MLA Khageswar Roy assures swift completion of Gajoldoba Bridge, promises full functionality by the new year.

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Gajoldoba, Dec 23 (Siliguri Journal) – The brand-new Gajoldoba Bridge had to be closed shortly after it was opened. This meant that tourists were greeted by a ‘No Entry’ sign when trying to use the new bridge.

Reports indicate that the Gajoldoba Bridge, designed as a replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, was closed just days after its inauguration, with barricades now in place. This has left tourists visibly disappointed. Administrative sources disclosed that the bridge’s construction was incomplete, leading to the temporary halt of traffic.

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Even with the temporary closure, the new bridge has sparked excitement among tourists, with many seen taking photographs in its vicinity.

Rajganj MLA and Vice Chairman of Gajoldoba Development Authority (GDA), Khageswar Roy, explained that the bridge closure is a result of unfinished work. He assured that the bridge will be fully operational before the new year.

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