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Mayor Gautam Deb inaugurating the Ward Festival ‘Bhorer Alo’

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Siliguri, Jan 11 (Siliguri Journal) – Ward festival ‘Bhorer Alo’ started on Thursday in Ward No. 18 of Siliguri Municipality along with various wards. The festival was inaugurated in Ward No. 18 in the presence of Municipal Mayor Gautam Deb and Deputy Mayor Ranjan Sarkar on Thursday.

Mayor Gautam Deb inaugurating the Ward Festival 'Bhorer Alo'

Mayor Gautam Deb, Deputy Mayor Ranjan Sarkar, Mayor Parishad Dulal Dutt, Manik Dey, Ward Councilor Sanjay Sharma and several councilors and guests of Siliguri participated in the colorful procession at the beginning of the festival. The colorful procession starts from Hathi More in Subhashpalli and circumambulates the various routes of the ward. People of all ages from 8 to 80 of the area spontaneously participate in this procession.

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