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Polling Officials Arrive at Voting Centers for Second Phase of LS Polls on April 26th

Darjeeling gears up for Lok Sabha polls, Rigorous preparations underway as voters anticipate a pivotal electoral phase on April 26.

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Siliguri, Apr 25 (Siliguri Journal) – The stage is set for the upcoming second phase of Lok Sabha polls scheduled for April 26, with voting slated in three key constituencies: Darjeeling, Raiganj, and Balurghat. In preparation, polling officers have commenced their deployment to various polling stations from the DCRC center since Wednesday morning.

According to reports, the DCRC center has been established at Siliguri College to oversee the Darjeeling Lok Sabha constituency. This year, Darjeeling district boasts a substantial electorate of 1,776,898 voters, comprising 895,287 male voters and 881,610 female voters. The voting process will unfold across 1,999 booths in Darjeeling district, with 58 booths exclusively staffed by women workers.

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It’s important to note that the voting procedure will kick off at 7:00 AM and wrap up at 6:00 PM. Every polling booth will be closely monitored by central forces and equipped with CCTV camera surveillance for added security and transparency.

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