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Siliguri Residence Reduced to Ashes in Devastating Fire

Tragic Fire at Siliguri Home: Wedding Preparations Shattered, Cash and Jewelry Worth Rs 1.2 Lakh Lost, Essential Documents Destroyed.

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Siliguri, Jan 09 (Siliguri Journal) – A big fire happened at DS Colony in Siliguri, Ward No. 34. A whole house got burned down completely. On Monday night around 2 a.m., a fire started at Pramila Paswan’s house in the area. The people inside noticed it and quickly got out, saving the gas cylinder. Unfortunately, everything else in the house was destroyed. Two fire engines arrived and managed to control the situation.

Sources say that Pramila Paswan’s daughter is getting married soon, and there was around Rs 1 lakh 20 thousand in cash stored in the house. The fire destroyed not only gold jewelry but also the cash. Along with household items, important documents were also lost in the blaze.

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Sk Sahiluddin
Sk Sahiluddin
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