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Transgender Community Central Conference in Siliguri Celebrates ‘Kalash Yatra’

Transcending Boundaries: Inaugural Transgender Conference in State Advocates Social Development and Global Harmony for a United Community Future.

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Siliguri, Nov 23 (Siliguri Journal) – The big meeting for the transgender community began in Siliguri on November 15. They also had a special event called ‘Kalash Yatra’ on Thursday. This yatra started from Mahatma Gandhi Chowk in Siliguri and went around different parts of the city.

Reports say that not only people from different states but also individuals from Bangladesh actively took part in the event. The conference, set to wrap up on November 26, addressed various community issues, such as the problem of individuals misleading the public by falsely claiming to be part of the transgender community.

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Importantly, in the coming days, applications will be submitted to both the central and state authorities to address and meet the needs of the transgender community for their development.

Addressing this, transgender Ananya mentioned that this conference marks the first community-organized event in the state. The purpose behind organizing this event is to promote the message of social development and world peace.

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