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Wife Seeks Financial Assistance for Husband’s Medical Treatment in Fulbari

Urgent Appeal: Sakina Khatoon seeks community support for husband Shafiqul's medical treatment after a life-altering accident left him bedridden for three years.

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Fulbari, Nov 23 (Siliguri Journal) – In a very sad situation, Sakina Khatoon from Mamta Para in Fulbari-II Gram Panchayat, Siliguri, is reaching out to the community for help. She urgently needs financial support for her husband’s medical treatment.

Three years ago, Shafiqul Rehman faced a severe road accident on his way to work, riding his motorcycle. The incident left him with substantial injuries, particularly damaging one of his legs. Despite extensive medical attention at the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH), his condition couldn’t be fully restored. Shafikul, who used to be the primary provider for his family, has been confined to bed for the past three years. He is survived by his mother, wife, and two children.

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Currently, Shafiqul’s wife, Sakina, is supporting the family through her work as a laborer. Faced with the ongoing challenges, Sakina Khatoon is appealing to the public for assistance in her husband’s medical treatment.

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