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Siliguri ISKCON Authorities Express Concerns Over Rath Yatra Amid Poor Road and Drain Conditions

Siliguri ISKCON temple authorities worry about holding the annual Rath Yatra due to neglected roads and drainage, causing inconvenience for local commuters and devotees.

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Siliguri, Jun 28 (Siliguri Journal) – The authorities of the Siliguri ISKCON temple in Ward No. 40 are worried about holding the upcoming annual Rath Yatra due to the poor condition of the local roads and drainage system.

The annual Rath Yatra is scheduled for July 7, and preparations are in full swing. However, the area’s roadways and drainage have long been neglected. The stench from the sewers and the poor road conditions have caused significant inconvenience for local commuters. Despite informing the ward councilor, the issue remains unresolved.

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A large number of devotees from across the country and abroad gather at the temple for the event. However, due to the current state of the roads and drainage, these devotees will face issues commuting in the area. This has raised concerns among the authorities of the Siliguri ISKCON temple.

Namakrishna Das, the public relations officer of the ISKCON temple in Siliguri, highlighted that despite repeated notifications to the councilor, there has been no improvement in the infrastructure around the temple. Meanwhile, Ward Councilor Rajesh Prasad Sha (Munna) has not responded to the matter.

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