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Siliguri Police Recovers Stolen Laptop from Unoccupied Residence

Justice Prevails: Siliguri Police Crack Case, Arrest Thieves, and Recover Stolen Laptop in Swift Action

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Siliguri, Dec 01 (Siliguri Journal) – In a new update, Pradhan Nagar police successfully found a stolen laptop while apprehending three individuals linked to the incident.

Reports state that Babu Sona Sarkar, Sanjay Mahali, and Umesh Chhetri were apprehended by the police for their involvement in a theft at an empty residence in Babubasa, Devidanga, on November 27. The accused individuals reportedly stole a laptop from the residence.

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On November 28, upon the homeowner’s return, discovering the theft, a formal complaint was lodged at the Pradhan Nagar police station.

Following this, the police launched an investigation and apprehended the culprits. On Friday, the arrested individuals were presented before the Siliguri Court for legal proceedings. As the investigation progressed, the police successfully recovered the stolen laptop.

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