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SMC Takes Action on Unauthorized Construction in Ward No. 30 After Complaints on CM Portal

SMC takes prompt action after CM portal complaint, demolishes unauthorized construction in Gopal More, addressing community concerns in Ward No. 30.

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Siliguri, Nov 25 (Siliguri Journal) – In the latest news, the Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) took down some buildings that were not allowed. People had complained about these constructions on the CM portal. This happened in the Gopal More area next to Deshbandhu Para, which is part of SMC’s Ward No. 30.

Reports indicate that a neighbor of Mitali Pal, who lives in the same area, raised concerns about her house on the Didi (CM) Ke Bolo Portal. The complaint highlighted issues with illegal construction and problems with the septic tank. The neighbor claimed that Mitali Pal had been involved in unauthorized building activities, and the waste from her toilet’s septic tank was reportedly causing a bad smell in the neighborhood. In response to the complaint, the Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) took action by demolishing the unauthorized construction at Mitali’s residence.

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Mithali Pal stated that she built the boundary wall for security reasons. She mentioned her intention to dismantle the wall after her neighbor’s complaints and had requested a 15-day time frame from the Municipal Corporation. Mithali Pal claimed that her request for time was not granted.

Brijit Aich, the Assistant Engineer of the SMC, mentioned that a person from Gopal More in Deshbandhu Para, Ward No. 30, filed a complaint on the Chief Minister’s portal and with the Siliguri Municipal Corporation about unauthorized construction. After investigations, the unlawfully built section of the house has been demolished.

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