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Thieves Cut Tin Roof to Steal Valuables from Bike Garage in Bandhunagar, Rajganj

Thieves cut through a bike garage's tin roof in Bandhunagar, stealing valuable repair tools. The community urges increased police patrols to curb frequent thefts.

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Rajganj, Jun 25 (Siliguri Journal) – A theft at a bike garage in Bandhunagar, Rajganj, has caused unrest in the community. Late Monday night, thieves broke in by cutting through the tin roof and made off with various items, including expensive bike repair tools.

Shop employee Prasenjit Mondal discovered the theft when he opened the garage on Tuesday morning. He reported that all the expensive bike repair tools and other shop items were stolen, amounting to a total loss of approximately 60,000 rupees.

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Theft incidents occur occasionally in Bandhunagar, prompting traders to demand increased police patrolling to prevent future occurrences.

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