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Toxic Liquor Sold as Branded Alcohol Uncovered in Siliguri

Police uncover major fake liquor operation in Siliguri, seizing thousands of bottles and arresting a suspect. Hunt for additional perpetrators underway.

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Siliguri, Jul 07 (Siliguri Journal) – A shocking incident has surfaced in Siliguri, where a racket producing and selling toxic liquor has been uncovered. Unsuspecting customers have been consuming this dangerous alcohol, believing it to be from well-known brands. The Pradhan Nagar police have arrested a suspect, 39-year-old Dilip Mandal from Hakimpara, in connection with the case.

Reports reveal that the operation took place in a rented house in the Karaibari area near Milan More in Devidanga. The toxic liquor was being manufactured, bottled, and packaged with the logos of well-known companies to deceive consumers. Acting on a tip-off, officers from Pradhan Nagar police station raided the house.

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During the raid, police uncovered the extent of the counterfeit liquor operation and seized 2,040 bottles of fake liquor, 80 liters of raw spirit, branded company logos, and empty bottles worth several lakhs of rupees. Subsequently, the accused, Dilip Mandal, was arrested.

Police sources revealed that chemicals were being used to produce the toxic liquor inside the house. The illegal business had been operating for a long time in Siliguri and was specifically targeting markets in Bihar, Punjab, and Siliguri. The arrested suspect was presented in Siliguri court today. Meanwhile, police have launched a hunt for other suspects involved in the case.

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