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Traffic Woes in Rajganj: Paved Roads, Missing Culverts Pose Challenges for Commuters

Culvert collapse in Pelkavita causing traffic woes. Local authorities pledge swift action post-election to repair and improve infrastructure.

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Rajganj, May 05 (Siliguri Journal) – Broken Culverts Cause Hassles for Locals Traveling in Rajganj block has become troublesome for residents. Despite having smooth paved roads, many villages are experiencing traffic jams because the culverts are broken or missing. This situation is making it difficult for people to reach their destinations on time.

Reports indicate that the road linking Birban through Ambari’s Pelkavita in Rajganj block is hindered by a broken culvert. Residents from Birban, Rangalivita, and nearby areas rely on this route to access Ambari. Despite ongoing road construction efforts over the last six months, the damaged culvert has compelled commuters to seek alternative routes.

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Local residents expressed their frustration over the absence of properly constructed culverts, despite having well-paved roads. They emphasized the urgent need for culvert repairs to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance accessibility for everyone in the area.

Binnaguri Gram Panchayat Pradhan, Samijuddin Ahmed, acknowledged the problem, confirming the collapse of a culvert in Pelkavita. He assured that the issue has been reported to higher authorities and pledged that once the election process is completed, construction on the culvert will commence promptly.

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