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Illegal Timber Smuggling Busted in Siliguri’s Fulbari More Area; One Suspect Arrested

Forest officials thwart timber smuggling operation in Fulbari More, seize lorry bound for Bihar; Accused presented before Jalpaiguri court after tip-off-led operation.

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Rajganj, Nov 23 (Siliguri Journal) – Forest officers in Ambari Range stopped a sneaky attempt to smuggle timber. They found wood logs, valued at around Rs 3 lakh, cleverly concealed among paddy husk sacks.

One person was caught for this illegal activity. This happened on the Siliguri-Jalpaiguri National Highway in the Fulbari More area.

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According to reports, on Thursday morning, Forest officers led by Ranger Alamgir Haque from the Ambari Range carried out an operation in the Fulbari More area along the Siliguri-Jalpaiguri National Highway. They successfully seized a lorry loaded with timber.

Following the operation, a person believed to be a Siliguri resident was arrested in connection with the incident.

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The Forest Department sources mentioned that the operation was a success thanks to a tip-off.

After questioning, it came to light that the timber was being transported from Siliguri to Bihar via Bidhannagar for secretive disposal. At the same time, the accused was presented before the Jalpaiguri district court.

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