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Jorpokhri Scooty Theft Resolved in Less Than 12 Hours by NJP Police

Saju Roy reclaims stolen scooty with joy as NJP police's swift action ensures recovery within 12 hours, leaving owner grateful for their diligence.

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Siliguri, Dec 25 (Siliguri Journal) – In an important success, the team at New Jalpaiguri (NJP) police station located a stolen scooty (two-wheeler) in just 12 hours of searching.

On Sunday afternoon, Saju Roy, a Siliguri resident from Ambika Nagar, reported his scooty missing after parking it in front of his store. Despite his efforts, he couldn’t find the vehicle and filed a complaint at NJP police station. The police initiated an investigation and successfully located the scooty within 12 hours near Bhalobasha More in Jorpokhri. Interestingly, no potential suspect was found in connection to the theft during the recovery.

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After locating the stolen scooty, NJP police promptly notified the owner, Saju Roy, who identified the vehicle upon arriving at the station. Completing necessary legal steps, the police returned the scooty to Roy on Monday. Delighted by the recovery, Roy expressed his gratitude to the NJP police for their efforts.

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