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Protest Erupts Among Swimmers Regarding Renovation of Bikash Ghosh Memorial Swimming Pool in Siliguri

Swimmers Protest Dilapidated Pool, Deputy Mayor Updates on Renovations - Mayor Informed, SJDA Takes Charge, Close Monitoring Ensures Progress.

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Siliguri, Dec 31 (Siliguri Journal) – This Sunday, kids who love swimming, along with their parents, gathered at Siliguri’s Bikash Ghosh Memorial Swimming Pool in Kanchenjunga Stadium. They want the pool to be fixed up and kept clean, so they protested for it.

The protestors claimed that the swimming pool had been in bad shape for a long time without any fixes. They pointed out that the pool’s restroom urgently needed a clean-up, and swimmers were facing various issues during their training. Deputy Mayor Ranjan Sarkar and other officials visited the pool on Saturday to check things out, according to reports.

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Deputy Mayor Ranjan Sarkar shared that the Mayor is currently away for treatment but has been informed about the swimming pool situation. The Siliguri-Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) is overseeing the renovations, and the entire project is under close supervision, with regular updates being provided to the Mayor.

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