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Siliguri Man Sets Himself on Fire Ahead of Younger Brother’s Wedding

Tragic Siliguri Incident: Santosh Gupta's Unthinkable Act Shocks Family; Quiet and Reserved, His Drastic Step Leaves Loved Ones Bewildered.

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Siliguri, Nov 28 (Siliguri Journal) – In a sad event from Siliguri’s Jyoti Nagar area (Ward No. 41), a man named Santosh Gupta tragically set himself on fire just before his younger brother’s wedding. This heartbreaking incident turned what should have been a joyful family moment into a time of sorrow.

As per reports, the family was in a festive mood at Santosh Gupta’s residence, preparing for his younger brother’s wedding. The wedding procession was ready to depart soon. Shockingly, amidst this celebration, Santosh Gupta, the elder brother, poured petrol on himself and ignited a fire.

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Following the incident, family members hurried to rescue Santosh, taking him to Siliguri District Hospital. As his health worsened, he was later transferred to North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH), where sadly, he passed away.

The family, in response, expressed that Santosh was perceived as different and reserved, and they had no knowledge of his thoughts and actions. They were taken aback and astonished by his decision to take such an extreme step.

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